Apple Crispy Treats

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Baked cereal and marshmallow flavoured e-liquid

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Green Apple Crispy Treats Ejuice by Ethos Vapors is a classic rice crispy treat flavored E Liquid enhanced with a fresh sliced apple. Green Apple Crispy Treats delivers a fantastic blend of freshly ripened, crisp green apple slices, with perfectly baked gooey marshmallow and rice krispies cereal. This wonderfully delicious, fruity dessert blend combines the perfect balance of sweet, creamy and savory flavors.

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1 review for Apple Crispy Treats

    Craig Day
    July 2, 2018
    Not bad a smooth blend of vanilla and apple ..but If you were expecting a Crispy treat vape you will probably be disappointed as to me it just tastes like a bland unidentifiable vanilla apple blend mess . The flavor sounds yummy on paper but was poorly executed here . To me this is one of those vapes that doesn't require you to think about the flavor you are consuming ,because its that bland .... Id try it just because of the current price but otherwise personally id skip this one .

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