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Glas Glazed is a Freshly-baked layer of buttery pastry meets a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla.
Your favourite doughnut redefined.


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Glas Glazed

Flavour Description:

The latest flavour from Glas. Glazed is a freshly-baked layer of buttery pastry meet a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla—your favourite doughnut redefined. Prominent Flavours: Vanilla, sugar, doughnut

From our certified clean rooms to our Glas-exclusive, crystal bottles, our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures an exhilarating experience of complex, layered flavour. Insightful execution of intelligent design excites the senses in an unfailing promise—our promise—of simple luxury.

Like the finest liquor and choicest cologne, Glas e-liquid demands a vessel capable of preserving and displaying the passion within. When we found none suitable—we created it. Our custom bottle is formed from the purest crystal, devoid of blemishes to let nothing separate you from our carefully crafted flavours.

Flavour is meant to be experienced in layers—piquant, sweet, bright—all notes in a grand piece to be enjoyed measure by measure. Like writing a baroque masterpiece, crafting flavour requires discipline and creativity. In swift crescendo and gentle dolcissimo, our flavours express more than a profile. They express art—our art: The Art of Flavor.

Excellence is not our goal, it is our defining trait, forming the foundation of our identity and guiding the mission of our craft. At Glas, passion is not an intangible feeling—but a calling; one that brings us to the Crafter’s table day after day to break boundaries, challenge reality, and evolve. Discover a new class of e-liquid.


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1 review for Glazed

    Renee Molyneux
    August 27, 2018
    One of my favourites!

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