Strawberry, Pear & Lime

Moreish Puff gives you an excellent fruity flavour as sweet strawberries, juicy pears and sharp limes blend together into a fantastic vape!

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Short fill bottles are set up a bit differently to the 10ml bottles. Again, due to TPD they still have the child proof lids but the dripper on the top pops out. To mix up your liquid, you open up your fresh bottle of nicotine free juice and pop off the pipette. Next, squeeze all your nicotine in from your 10ml nicotine shot bottle. Close the top of your short fill up and shake thoroughly. You want to make sure you mix the liquids up well so you get a smooth mix and no harsh flavour.

Once the bubbles (and dust you’ve created) has settled, you’re ready to vape. As the nicotine itself is flavourless, you can leave the bottle with the lid off for ten minutes, seal it up and keep it somewhere dark for a few days. This helps the e-liquid to steep, allowing the flavours to develop more in the same way wine works. And who said vaping wasn’t an art form.


A medley of fresh, sweet berries combine to create a magnificent and fulfilling flavour!

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