Aspire CF G-Power Battery

The Aspire CF G-Power Battery works with a variety of 510/eGo threaded clearomizers.

It features stainless steel endpoints, a metal button, and a carbon fibre coated tube.

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Press button 5 times in quick succession.

The LED will blink 3 times and the button will illuminate Blue when active and ON.

Repeat this procedure to turn battery OFF.

Blue LED light will display for battery cell voltage of 3.5-4.2V.

The Orange LED indicates a voltage less than 3.5V.

Charging Instructions:

1.Unscrew the battery from the tank
2.Gently screw battery into the USB charger.
3.Plug the USB into the wall charger.
4.The battery will flash 3 times and then turn solid in colour.
5.The light on the USB charger will be red when charging.
6.Once fully charged, the USB charger will display a green light, and the LED light on battery will turn off.


Length x Diameter: 112.5mm x 17.4mm

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