Alpha Salt

Alternativ Alpha is perfect If you are searching for a luscious blend of plump grapes and sweet apples that tastes so fresh that you will swear you are indulging in a glass of freshly-squeezed juice, then look no further than Alpha vape juice from Alternative E Liquid.


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Alternativ Alpha

Alpha e-Juice by Marina Vape is the mouthwatering combination of grape and apple candy flavors that pair together in perfect harmony. It is then met with just the slightest touch of refreshing menthol, for a mildly cool exhale. You will instantly appreciate the balance of flavor of this gem and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Want to taste juicy grapes fresh off the vine and crisp apples that were picked off the tree just seconds ago? Alternative E Liquid’s Alpha vape juice explodes with fresh fruit flavor that is unlike any other fruit-based e-liquid on the planet.

Each puff of Alpha vape juice will leave you feeling hydrated and satisfied from head to toe. These two fruits balance each other out flawlessly, resulting in a well-rounded vape that pleases the palate and tingles on the taste buds.

When you inhale Alternative E Liquid’s Alpha vape juice, succulent grape flavor washes over the tongue instantly, rejuvenating you with sweet and tangy flavor while making your mouth water. Then, as you exhale, that sweet and crisp apple flavor balances out the tangy notes of the grapes and a cold blast of fresh menthol cools you down and makes you feel completely rejuvenated.

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