Nitecore Intellicharger NEW i2

The Nitecore Intellicharger NEW i2 has TWICE the charging speed of The i2 Charger. It is a universal, automatic smart-charger that is compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries thus eliminating the need to own several chargers.


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  • Twice the charging speed of the i2 charger
  • Active Current Distribution (ACD) Technology
  • Compatible with 1.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V, 4.35V batteries
  • Capable of charging two batteries simultaneously
  • Each of the two battery slots monitor and charge independently
  • Optimized charging design for IMR batteries
  • Automatically detects battery status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode
  • Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Overcharge prevention to protect batteries
  • Over-discharge battery activation
  • Made from durable ABS (fire retardant/flame resistant)
  • Reverse polarity protection and short circuit prevention
  • Designed for optimal heat dissipation
  • Made from fire resistant, flame retardant PC material
  • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC
  • Insured worldwide by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
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