Nitecore UI1


  • Max charging current of 800mA
  • Intelligent charging mode selection (CC and CV)
  • Lightweight and portable for outdoor charging
  • Charges large-sized batteries like 20700, 21700 batteries & more
  • Micro-USB port is compatible with USB adapters, solar panels, power banks, and more
  • Displays real-time battery level and charging status


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The NiteCore UI1 battery charger is an intelligent charger. As soon as you place the battery in the charger, the U1 will automatically adjust to fit the type of battery. As such you make optimal use of the battery life. The charger works via a USB connection and weighs next to nothing. With it, you can easily charge your battery.

The intelligence of the NiteCore UI1

The NiteCore UI1 has a charging capacity of 800mA or 100mA. When you charge a battery with a voltage below 2.9V, the charger will automatically activate the ‘Low Current Charging’ mode. When you charge a battery with a voltage higher than 2.9V, the charger will use the standard mode of 800mA. As such the life of the battery is optimally used.

But that is not all! The NiteCore UI1 has many more functions. If the battery is inserted upside down, the three indicators will turn red and the charger will not charge the battery. Also if the charger becomes too hot the UI1 will change the charging capacity. This protects both the charger and the battery, As soon as the battery is fully charged the charger will automatically stop charging. Great!

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