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Bo One Kit

Bo Vaping is a unique design and uses the most forward thinking of technology.
Each Bo One Kit consists of a Bo vaporizer, a magnetic USB charger and two Bo closed capsules which are 100% French and certified by AFNOR.
Weighing only 22 grams with a 1.5ml capsule capacity, Bo vaping is the light alternative to traditional vaping. It has a battery capacity of 380mAh, using only a minimal amount of power each time it’s used lasting over a day of constant use.
Elegantly finished with ceramic coating and a USB magnet charger for ease of charging.

Product Includes:

  • 2 Bo Pods
  • 1 x Menthol 8mg
  • 1 x Tobacco 16mg
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Bo One Device


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Bo One Ultra Portable Pod System

Designed in France

JWell’s Ultra Portable Pod System is the newest entry to the ultra portable pod system category, presenting a sleek and attractive chassis with a 380 mAh battery along with the new BO ONE 1.5ml Cap Replaceable Pod System. Designed to be as organic and easy to use as possible, the BO’s chassis is sleek and trim with well balanced ergonomics. General use of the BO One is simple and easy, utilizing a draw activated firing system. Inside is a rechargeable 380 mAh battery that can be charged conveniently with the included USB charging dock. Inside, the BO One utilizes a Cap Pod Replacement System, with each Cap holding a maximum capacity of 1.5ml and attached via a proprietary plug and play connection. With a sleek and streamlined chassis, JWell’s BO One Ultra Portable Pod System is a robust and attractive system perfect as a complementary travel system.

Find out more – Bo Vaping

Need some Pods? – Bo Pods/Caps

Product Features:

  • All in One System
  • Draw Activated Firing
  • Prefilled BO Cap Pod System
  • 1.5ml Capacity
  • Proprietary Connection
  • Plug and Play Connection
  • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
  • Pod Acts as Tip
  • Direct Voltage Output
  • 380 mAh Built In Battery
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • USB Charge Port
  • 1A Maximum Charging Rate
  • Sleek and Striking Design

Product Includes:

  • One BO Kit
  • Two Prefilled BO Caps
  • One USB Charging Dock
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for BO One

    October 18, 2017
    A little pricey, but so far I love it. It's a nice way to discreetly vape on the go! Some pods are a bit leaky, but I had the same thing happen with the JUUL. So can't complain. It produces more vapor than you would expect from such a small device--and the taste is never smokey. LOVE the fact that I can charge it with my computer!
    Janice B.
    June 13, 2017
    Three things are important to me now that I no longer smoke cigarettes and they are equally important. Firstly the device has to be automatic, I can't mess about pushing buttons for varying degrees of vapour or switching it on, I want to pick it up and vape. Secondly the size and shape, the more it resembles a cigarette the better and I wont need another handbag to transport it. When I am working I want to be able to pick it up as I would a cigarette and vape without hassle. Lastly it has to have clouds of vapour so that I think I am actually smoking. Bo One has ALL these features and more. It produces clouds of vapour right up to the point of recharge ( unlike some devices which slowly produce less and less from half way discharged) and it only takes an hour to recharge.... yes I timed it. The magnetic charger is a novelty, personally I would prefer the charging lead which is advertised but is not in stock anywhere.
    Nick Mitchell
    June 13, 2017
    So easy to use, no messy refils or coils to change, just use a cartridge and then throw it away. Only drawback is battery time, heavy vapers will need to charge it 2 or 3 times a day and can get through the cartridges quite quickly.

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